Optional Subjects

Special / Additional / Optional Subjects – For Those Who do 4 Year Bachelor Degrees
BL-01Life of Jesus Christஇயேசு கிறிஸ்துவின் வாழ்க்கை வரலாறு
BL-02Pedagogyகற்பித்தல் நுட்பங்கள்
BL-03Practice Teachingகற்பித்தல் பியிற்சி
BL-04Practice Preachingபிரசங்க பியிற்சி
BL-05Synoptic Gospelsஒத்த சுவிஷேசங்கள்
BL-06Gospels of Johnயோவானின் சுவிஷேசம்
BL-07Seminar – IIபயிலரங்கம் – II
BL-08Introduction to Biblical Greekபைபிள் கால கிரேக்க அறிமுகம்
BL-09Thesis Writing – Theory & Practiceஆய்வு கட்டுரை எழுதுதல் – பியிற்சி
BL-10Field Visit & Reportகள ஆய்வு & அறிக்கை
BL-42Seminar – IIபயிலரங்கம் – II
BL-45Seminar – IIIபயிலரங்கம் – III
BL-46Seminar – IVபயிலரங்கம் – IV
Special optional Subjects for Master Courses
The Required subject from the following list will be either selected in option by the student or assigned by the faculty according to the Degree, which a student studies or opts.
MT 01Family and Church
MT 02Mission Studies
MT 03Mission Strategies
MT 04Studies on the world Religions
MT 05Denominational Studies
MT 06Biblical view of Developmental Works
MT 07Biblical Leadership Studies( Bible Leaders )
MT 08Ecumenism
MT 09Environmental Studies
MT 10Philosophies of the world
MT 11Introduction to Psychology
MT 12Pauline Philosophy of leadership Development
MT 13Studies on the Biblical Prophesies
MT 14Journalism and Mass Media Communication
MT 15Human Rights and Minority Law
MT 16Disaster Management and Relief works
MT 17Pastoral Theology
MT 18Modern Theology Trends and Occults
MT 19Mission and Church Growth Principles
MT 20Educational Psychology
MT 21Church and Mission Financial Management
MT 22Leadership and skill Development
MT 23Mission Leadership & pastoral care
MT 24Christian Apologetics in the cultural context
MT 25Philosophy of Creationism and Modern Science
MT 26Israel ology
MT 27Bible Contradictions Solved
MT 28Expository Preaching Techniques ( Bible Exposition )
MT 29Religious Movement of the world
MT 30Judaism and its sects