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    The Application for visiting faculty (Volunteer)



    Marital Status

    Number of Children if marred/Divorced?




    Are you a full-time minister?

    If Yes, the address of your organization

    If No, what is your part-time work and address

    Are you able to teach in English? (Tamil/Other Indian Language etc.)

    Are you willing to travel? (District only/State level/All over India)

    Do you believe the Bible inspired, inerrant, infallible God’s word?

    Do you believe the Holy Trinity as taught in the Bible?

    Do you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only Saviour of the world?

    Do you believe the second coming of Christ?

    Do you know “baptize” means “to immerse” in Greek language?

    What is your spiritual gift? Teaching/Preaching/Pastor

    Your favorite leaders in OT

    in NT

    The Christian leaders you appreciate in India

    The social/Political leaders you like in India

    Please, give the name and address of a Christian leader who knows you
    well Cell

    Your Hobby

    Do you have my specific achievement?

    Have you attended FEET Training? If Yes Date and place


    I hereby declare that all information given above are true to the best of my knowledge. I assure that I would abide by the rules and regulations of CALS.


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    Testimony Recommendation of pastor